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Us vs. Them – A tyrant’s distraction

Are you feeling it? Feeling the BERN? I think he’s going to win the Super Bowl. In other news, the Denver Broncos are, purportedly, the shoe-in for this years presidential election. WOO HOO! FREE FOOTBALL FOR EVERYONE. ¬†That’s their platform. Personally, it seems a little unrealistic to me. I mean, for sure it’s a bit racist. Half the world thinks […]

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Love Never Dies!

My Ex! What does it mean? It means that at some point we committed to each other. We trusted each other. We liked each other; perhaps we loved each other. Now, now our relationship is something different. Perhaps that part of you that you gave to me you now give to another? Maybe you keep it for yourself? Maybe it […]

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Thankful for…

Thanksgiving huh? I’m thankful for so much. I do sometimes get overwhelmed by ceremony. These traditions and rituals in which we partake sometimes seem contrived and redundant. What’s wrong with sushi on thanksgiving? Is it wrong to crave bacon with my gravy? But these traditions are sometimes what force us to address the idiosyncracies of family and gleen those extra […]

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