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Just get in there…

Nothing seems to work the way you want. Why won’t Apple just open up their iOS to some of the best stuff out there? GrooveShark…really Apple? It’s for GrooveShark that the iPhone was invented! (imho). Anyhow… Did an upgrade yesterday and was determined to leave the phone stock. But, between SBSettings, SBRotator, Lockinfo, and Grooveshark, it just wasn’t reality. So […]

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Coolest … Finally, real integration

So… the last thing I couldn’t get working was the ability to send from multiple addresses, err.. one at a time, but from different ones.   Like @nickcernis, I have all of my mail delivered to my google apps inbox.   Well… When I would reply, it would always come from the main address.   Now… All better.   Thank you Nick, for posting […]

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