Is it a home or part of the debt based banking system?

Today, Megan McArdle writes in Why Did We Divert So Much Capital into Housing? – Megan McArdle: Given that house prices are basically set by the size of the monthly payment that buyers can afford, rather than some deeper notion of intrinsic value, it’s hardly surprising that looser credit caused house prices to rise–nor that, in the wake of WorldCom, […]

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Why the BEAD Standard is NOT Antiquated

My blog buddy Jared proposed that we debate the gold standard in the below post. Why the Gold Standard is Antiquated « Opportunity Knocks My Head. Jared, you ignorant slut… haha. So, let’s get away from gold for a moment and talk about money. What is it? Well, it is an agreed upon measure of value. Ultimately, the wealth we […]

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