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Vacation adventures

So you want to go on a road trip, eh? My 15 year old son and I are on our way to Portland, Oregon. We have had two very successful days of experience including this bit of fun. We hit our hotel after exploring Stockton and some of the newer, to my experience (I haven’t been here in over 30 […]

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Social Media and Integration

I recently “breached” my personal/business social media boundary. I went to a conference and, during the conference, met some VERY intelligent and engaging folks. When I returned, I sent, as I normally do, many of them invites to Linked In. I used to maintain every contact in my own database, but rapidly realized that delegation of personal information to the […]

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Thankful for…

Thanksgiving huh? I’m thankful for so much. I do sometimes get overwhelmed by ceremony. These traditions and rituals in which we partake sometimes seem contrived and redundant. What’s wrong with sushi on thanksgiving? Is it wrong to crave bacon with my gravy? But these traditions are sometimes what force us to address the idiosyncracies of family and gleen those extra […]

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