All is fair in vacation…

So, I made it! This made it so worth it.

That is Mt. Shasta in the picture, and that particular picture was taken from the patio where the boy and I split a piece of prime rib and a ceasar salad (with anchovy filets…yumm).

Mt. Shasta Village is a really funky little town. We drove up the highway as far as we could on the mountain (7800 feet) and got out and walked around in the snow in flip flops. How cool. The next 6000 feet to the summit require a pass and crampons. Not for me this time. So we cruised back and perused the shops. Fun day. Also, the drive on the five up around lake Shasta was amazing! Man that lake has a lot of water.

Oh.. The tire… I was due for a new set; had to bite it off a little sooner than I wanted. The lag screw in the flat made it irreparable, so, a bunch of hundies and two hours later and we were on our way with a brand new set of shoes.

So far, a great trip! Tomorrow, we attempt a summit run. Well, figuratively, but we should make it as far north as we intend by tomorrow evening.

….keeping the rubber side down; catch you on the 20…

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