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Oops - Flat in Stockton
My 15 year old son and I are on our way to Portland, Oregon. We have had two very successful days of experience including this bit of fun. We hit our hotel after exploring Stockton and some of the newer, to my experience (I haven’t been here in over 30 years), areas of the south-eastern delta for a rest and a nap. Fortunately, we had already decided on spaghetti for dinner at the choke&puke in the same lot, because we came out to find this.. Umm.. Flat tire.

A bit about the 2005 Tahoe z-71 and flat tires. From the factory, they are equipped with fancy aluminum 17″ wheels and 265/70-17 tires. But, the spare is a 16″ steel wheel with 265/75-16 tires. The spare is 1/2″ bigger in diameter and almost 1″ more in circumference. Hmm. What’s it all mean alfie? Well, in short, two different size tires on a posi-traction rear end is bad news. So, I changed two tires; put the spare on the front and the front on the back. I was dirty. But, now the boy knows the routine and will be able to do it next time.

On a side note, and peeve, seriously, GM, with all the goofy clips and curved wedge bolts for holding the tools down? It’s 2011 (err 2005 when you built this one). Get it together and make some nice plastic bins. The days of take it apart once and it becomes a rubics cube for reassembly need to end.

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