“..the best laid plans…of mice and men, do often go awry..”

What were you going to be when you were a kid?  Are you that thing now?  That person?  Did things turn out the way you thought they would?

Was it your dreams back then that were twisted, or your reality now?

In 2011, I find myself in a very strange situation.  Nothing is how I thought it would be.   NOTHING is what I dreamed it would be back in 12th grade.  Where did it go awry?   I have a plan for 2011.  I’m not so discouraged as to stop making plans, but I will be limiting my plans to realistic and achievable goals, with real dead lines, and building from there.

To alternate realities and crushed dreams… I toast you 2010, now go f&8k yourself…. while i move onto something better in 2011.

  1. You are on your way to ENTx. (at least your trying and so am I) but the day you drop all your projects, you will no longer be you. Focus on the top 3 or 4. any less and you will be on your way to being *wkdwch*. Never allow people to let you down – that is totally contrary to your temperament. you know what to expect from them. Nothing. That way when they come through for us it is a wonderful thing….. Oh – you are capable of something that mice are not and it is often brought on by tough times. Prayer.

  2. I used to be perfectionist and nothing turned out the way I had hoped or planned. But the worst part…the people that let me down.

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