The Shit I get to do….

Well, time keeps on slipping..and all that.

I’m constantly amazed at the things I get to do. The world is so full of stuff, and there are so many amazing people in it (once you sort them from the dolts).

In the last three years I have lived in Europe for 6 months, helped an international company save tens of millions of dollars in operations, been to Niagara Falls, killed two deer for food, fished with my son in Los Barriles, moved my entire life from California to Oregon, shoveled snow in my own driveway, fallen in love multiple times, seen some of the Oregon desert, worked a gun-show, started welding again, built my own trailer hitch, white water rafted the McKenzie and the Deschutes, snowboarded at Bachelor, reconnected with so many friends with whom I thought I would never speak again, developed a sourdough-rye starter, built this blog, paddled a Hawaiian Outrigger Canoe from Avalon to Newport, spent a weekend with my boy and his girlfriend, and all the food and whisky. ¬†This just touches the surface. I am gracious. I am amazed. All of this for just saying “yes”.

I don’t want any of you to get the wrong idea. I have had bad stuff happen. I just don’t remember it. I don’t hold on to it. It isn’t why I live. The bad stuff goes away and more good stuff comes along. So, if I have ever offended you with my credo “Easy Come; Easy Go”, please know: It’s is not that you or your situation aren’t important, it’s just that the bad stuff falls away to make room for the good.

Thank all of you for participating in this life.



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