Progressive Taxation is Capitalism Continued… Continued….

From a purely practical standpoint, my friend @jaredude is hard to prove “wrong” , in his continuing argument Progressive Taxation is Capitalism Continued…

Practically.  But is that the purpose of philosophy?  Is the economic betterment of ourselves; the collection and eventual protection of things, the goal of life?  Well, that is, obviously, purely a rhetorical question.   I can’t answer that for you; nor you for me?  How I measure value is deeply personal and very different from your measure.  If that is the goal of philosophy (in particular philosophies supporting the economic system of “capitalism”), and the practical realization of those material goals the purpose of said philosophy, then I concede, @jaredude is right: Progressive Taxation is Capitalism.

I don’t agree, however, with the motives.   I would prefer to die a very poor, by material standards, but free man than a rich slave.   I’m a fool you say!  I can hear you saying it.  You wouldn’t really be a slave.  You are cutting your nose off to spite your face.   Well, perhaps those things are true, again, on a practical level.  But, it has occurred to me that greed begets greed, violence/violence, etc.  And the continual and progressive allowance of government to punish us for exceeding is “wrong”, and it begets more progressive infiltration and control of our daily lives.  Seatbelts?  Sunscreen?  Where does it stop?  When do we get to make decisions for ourselves?  And the idea that some really smart guy designed the progressive taxation scheme because he thought it would be more efficient; well, I’m just plain skeptical (to the core).   If you read the history and consider the players, the goal was to keep that “middle class” as the “middle class” and a barrier between the “rich” and the “poor”.   It continues to be so.

But I digress…again… I’d like to thank @jaredude for the ongoing blogbate.  I’d also like to put this one to bed…but very much look forward to our next blogbate:  Are long toes or short toes better for cowboy boots?

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