What to make when you run out of eggs.

I ran out of eggs. I eat a lot of them, and I normally get them from a local produce stand or my neighbor, because I want them “close to the ground” as possible.

Still got the feathers

Still, I ran out today. After my workout, I needed to find some good healthy food. So, I went searching in the fridge. I roasted a beautiful Bambi (venison) roast last week and still have some I have been using for delicious sandwiches.

Bambi Roast Bambi Sammich

I wasn’t really about another sammich for breakfast. I wanted to stir it up a little bit. So, I found onion, jalapeño, some shredded cheese, and two corn/flour mixed tortillas my housemate had left in the fridge. BREAK OUT THE CAST IRON.. A little coconut oil, and, BAM! (Sorry Emeril, I’ll send you a couple pennies for royalties as soon as I get my first check from AdSense) Yummy Bambi Tacos for breakfast. Topped with a little Kim-Chi, they were delicious and healthy and easy and, well, sudden and improvised.

yummy bambi tacos

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