Nothing is simple; Everything is easy!


Man.  I so meant to blog every day. I got lost. I stopped doing it. I am not going to make excuses. Obviously, I didn’t want to do it. But, here I am now, thinking, all of my audience is SUFFERING so for my lack of publishing. Haha.

I’ll try doing better. I’m going to be whipping up some new interesting food things soon.

I got in a huge pissing contest on the Facebook yesterday. It was pretty silly. Trying to reason with irrational people is pretty futile. Did you ever notice that the new game is to hide behind the “knowledge” of others as an excuse not to debate? Pretty common these days. This is how we get terms like “Scientific Consensus” ™. Really, someone should copyright that term at get royalties as much as I hear it used. What is it, anyway? What does it mean when scientists concede to other scientists? Or is it consent; they consent to other scientists and their publications. What happened to reviewing an experiment and CONCLUDING the answer through the answer; the logic; the reason? Well, that just isn’t the way anymore. Debate using reason and asking to understand causality is a “non-starter” in this day and age. We don’t debate on the Facebook, we grandstand and then ask others in the stream to concede (or is it consent?) with our position. Ha… Enough on that.

Simple. Life is easy, but it isn’t simple. It is quite complex and complicated. Those who find joy in the complexity think life is easiest. I reckon I fall into that category. While I realise the complexity (even in the mere fact that I can spell it realize just as easily as realise), I also realise that most of the complications are my own doing. If we would just breathe and live, well, simple. We create our own complexity by deciding we want to control our environment. It starts with choosing a toothpaste and ends with trying to force people to behave in our way through the use of force, persuasion or taxation. I, of course, don’t do that latter part, well, except for the occasional persuading, but, it’s all around us. I say: “ and let live…”! Also, “Mind your own business and keep your hands to yourself” is a favorite of my quips. I follow those rules (most days, and punish myself when I don’t) and seem to find life quite easy.

What is your daily philosophy? Do you constantly worry about what other people are doing? Do you think of things in terms of “fair and unfair”? What about charity: do you partake? Do you think charity should be forced? Are we all brothers and sisters? Are we our brothers’ keepers? I know where I’m at on each of those (as I think y’all do as well). I’d love to hear where you are at on them.

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