What is worse? (really, what is better…..)

Question for you all:

If, in some hypothetical situation, you could have your choice between:

a) Living 100 years (again, hypothetical, but guaranteed here if you follow the rules) — but, you must relegate yourself to safety, avoiding germs, avoiding food or risk (mountain biking, skydiving, flying, scuba diving, etc). You could “enjoy” yourself, of course, within reason, so long as you didn’t do anything with more than about a 1% probability of killing you, or;

b) Living 20 years of eating what you wanted, flying, skydiving, mountain biking, canoeing in the ocean, surfing, snowboarding, etc. Now, in this second scenario, two things. 1) You will die for certain in 20 years; 2) You could die at anytime from your activity.

Which would you choose?

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