Try It! Ask For It! Your world may be a question away.

I need!

What are you doing Saturday night?

You should!

All of these are phrases I (kinda) despise. Replace them with proactive requests and see how your world works for you.

Will you please?

Will you please go on a date with me Saturday night?

I would really love it if you would ….

Everything in these requests becomes active and not passive. There is no hinting or beating around the bush. Your recipient knows exactly what you want.

It seems simple enough, but, give it a try and see how it works. I started using this methodology in a really conscious way about 10 years ago. My life has been amazing since.

Oh… when you are asking for things, be prepared and ok with hearing “no”. Sometimes what you want and what someone else wants just aren’t the same thing. Of course, you can always get Bernie to force them to give it to you so that things are equal. I’m getting a Unicorn and all the Free Bubble-Up and Rainbow Stew I can consume.

rainbow stew

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