Us vs. Them – A tyrant’s distraction

Are you feeling it? Feeling the BERN? I think he’s going to win the Super Bowl.

In other news, the Denver Broncos are, purportedly, the shoe-in for this years presidential election. WOO HOO! FREE FOOTBALL FOR EVERYONE. ¬†That’s their platform. Personally, it seems a little unrealistic to me. I mean, for sure it’s a bit racist. Half the world thinks Futbol is something you play with your FOOT!

Seriously, though. Us vs. Them is no way to live. The world is a huge place, and there is a place for everyone in it. If you think that you have rights because you live in the United States of ‘Merka, you don’t understand the nature of rights. Rights are not granted, for if something is granted, it is an entitlement. ALL HUMANS, regardless of race, color, creed or NATIONALITY have rights. Why? Well, it’s a huge complicated philosophical discussion, but it comes down to the nature of HUMANS. We are the only creature, on this planet, capable of contemplating our own death. By definition, that makes us moral creatures. We have the capability to consider alternatives to death. The rest of the animals exist, entirely, on fight or flight. They can’t plan, build or execute in order to sustain life. They have to rely on the tools given them. (I know some of you are going to bring up crows/ravens/parrots using tools. Sure, but in a limited capacity, I’ll grant you that they are quite intelligent. But, none of them have written about it, now, have they? Oh, then the killer whales and dolphins… Shit, they are way smarter than we are. Are you aware a dolphin only spends 10% of its life working and the rest playing? Yes, way smarter than we are…). As a moral creature, in order to pursue our own desires, it is logical that we grant the right to others to pursue theirs. There it is. That is the rational and logical basis of human rights. FREE TO CHOOSE is the only real RIGHT.

More complexity is built around the interaction of humans. The first right is proactive. You are free to choose. But, in order to protect your right to choose, we must create some reactive rules, which we, conveniently, call rights as well, although, they are not specifically rights. These reactive rules are formed to ensure that our true right, to choose, is not usurped. Throughout history, it has been usurped. Philosopher-kings and tyrants have used physical force, guilt and division to enslave uneducated masses and turn them back into animals. These same humans, the tyrants, would just as soon we were all horses and goats with opposable thumbs as humans. Their goal is power. But, I digress, back to the creation of rights. There have been very few treatises of freedom throughout the ages, but, the finest of them all is our “merkin” Declaration of Independence. (Again, the pragmatists are going to want to attack the actors instead of the ideas…”Oh, Thom Jeff was a slave-holder”… Yeah, yah.. that was wrong to be certain but doesn’t detract from the ideas set forth in the document). As a result of this, when congress finally ratified a federal constitution, it was created to protect the only, actual, sentient creature on Earth, the individual. From whom did the individual need protection? From the government. The bill of rights is a limitation on the entitles of government. It is not a law on individuals, but a law preventing government from restricting rights. The authors never once considered that a person would need to protect themselves from another individual restricting their ability to speak freely, but, THE GOVERNMENT.

Flash forward 200 years, and, guess what? Those same tyrants have found themselves a way back to the top? How? By using our own virtue against us. See, it used to be that only religious leaders could invoke guilt in their disciples to control them. But, with scientific discovery and education, most people have foregone the belief in fairytales. Hmm… How do we control them? Sure, make them all guilty of the crimes of some individuals in the past, but, powerless to “judge” the criminals of today. It’s the pragmatists DREAM. I call it diffused accountability. It is created by getting people to focus on collectives instead of individuals. Am I guilty of slave-trade? Hell, no. But, I’m a white man living in ‘merka, so, somehow, for sure, by luck of birth, I have been bestowed privilege that others could never receive. I’m part of that collective. What I, personally, do, believe, know, is of no importance. I am that. You, black man, you are BLACK. You have been oppressed. It’s part of the system. Well, it’s ridiculous. You and I are individuals. There is no we. Now, I know you are going to say that it still exists (systemic bias). Yes, I agree. It exists even worse today than it ever has. Why? Because the government and education system continue to indoctrinate and teach “us vs. them”. There is no such thing. We are all individuals. There is no such thing as society, or nations. We are all HUMANS. Don’t believe it, look at the DNA. Millions of options on the same chain, all capable of interbreeding. We don’t make Mules when we interbreed, because we are the same specie. Society, nations, race and creed are all constructs of organization created by small men to control the masses. The reality: we are born alone and we die alone. No one can think for us. No one can educate us, we must all learn and know. Giving your thoughts and actions over to a collective, well, that’s what creates us vs. them. Until we can vulcan-mind-meld with someone, we will never know their perspective. It is through concepts and reason that we must communicate with each other. They are our only tools. Anything less, and we are back to animals: fight or run.

So, in conclusion, stop looking to the Broncos for the answers. Stop praying for Bernie to win the Super Bowl. This prom-king popularity contest is a distraction designed by tyrants to keep you looking the other way. The real problem is in the division. Reach across and find something to love. Let people be and they will let you be. It sounds simplistic, because it is. Complex government is only required when we start taking things from people. Otherwise, the old, simple, “Mind your own business and keep your hands to yourself” works just fine.

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