Post Workout Breakfast Tacos

One of the hardest things for me to do, sometimes, is get enough protein and nourishment. I don’t mean enough calories. Getting enough calories is a breeze, just throw a piece of bread or some pasta in there and BOOM! Calories galore. But, the nourishment part, what our bodies really need, especially after a workout, that part is tougher. So, let’s start with this. I need a whole bunch of protein. I need some complex carbohydrates, but not a ton. I need GREENS! (always the greens). And, I want this to taste good, and be unique. Hmmm… 4 eggs, handful of greens, jalapeño, some organic white corn tortillas… ok, it is starting to come together.

Chop the vegetable stuff

The Veggies (and fruits...and, umm, fungi)

The Veggies (and fruits…and, umm, fungi)

Let’s see, 3 mushrooms, a handful of power greens (baby kale, chard and spinach), 3 heirloom cherry tomatoes, 1/2 jalapeño, a chunk of white onion.

Sauté the vegetable stuff (In Lard)!

Seriously, Leaf Lard, in moderation, is very good for you.

Seriously, Leaf Lard, in moderation, is very good for you.

I use less than a tablespoon of lard. The stuff I’m using is from a company called fat works  All of their stuff claims to be organic, free range, and all the stuff we are looking for when eating “close to the ground”. At the end of the sauté, I add in 2 tablespoons of toasted flax seed/raw hemp seed mixture. Cook the vegetables on high heat, then take the pan off the stove and let it cool a bit before adding the 4 eggs. These eggs are DEFINITELY farm fresh.

Still got the feathers

Again, as stated in previous recipes, I like to beat the eggs before putting them into the pan, allowing me to cook them as slowly or quickly as I want.

Let’s see, what else would be good for my body? Hmm… Avocado. Of course, Avocado… 1/2 of one for putting on top.

Avocados are an incredibly nutritious fruit.

Avocados are an incredibly nutritious fruit.

And, Kim Chi! Woo Hoo, let’s get our fermentation on! I get mine, right now, from Primal Cuts Meat Market (also known as Growler Phil’s) in Bend, Oregon. They make delicious Kim Chi.

So, put the eggs in, cook them through, Heat my tortillas in a tiny bit of Coconut Oil to soften them up, and Viola.

LOVELY breakfast tacos

LOVELY breakfast tacos

Oh Yeah… Micro greens. In the spirit of, you really can’t overdo the plants in your diet, and micro greens having a TON of vitamins and minerals, let’s sprinkle some on top.

That looks like a ton of food, right? It went down quickly. The workout from Janaya at Horizon Line Personal Training kicked my ass this morning, and my body is going to need all of this to rebuild. If you don’t know about Horizon Line and their unique approach to fitness and coaching, you should definitely check them out.

I feel like a bit of a shill after putting all the links in this article, but I’m pretty excited about any products or services to which I’ve linked. I’m not getting paid by them, although, (hint-hint) that’d be nice.

Get out and explore. Train your body to be able to do the things you want. Nourish your body with great food choices, and eat close to the ground. You won’t be sorry.

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