On cooking and preparing food

I have intent to share recipes with you. But, my goal is not for you to assemble these recipes. My goal is for us to explore possibilities and combinations of food so that you will be able to expand on these. Cooking and preparing food is part science and part art. The art part is in the presentation and the taste, but always with a heavy thought toward how the food we prepare nourishes us. With each recipe and adventure I post, to the extent possible, I will share information about why I chose those particular ingredients and how/why they work together to build the beauty and how they contribute to my nutritional goals. There will be help. I am not a nutritional expert and will be learning, more and more, along the way, how best to nourish my body. My starting principle is that the closer one eats to the ground, meaning, the closer to nature, the happier he/she will be. We really aren’t very far removed from nature; as evolved as we may think we are, I think we are still a bunch of folks walking around looking for our next piece of lettuce and the occasional nut. When we are really lucky, or skilled, we just may get a big slab of meat. Then the party starts. Enjoy the posts, and let me know what you’re learning along the way, and, as always, where you have guidance or teachings for me, I will be incredibly grateful.

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