Love Never Dies!

My Ex!

What does it mean? It means that at some point we committed to each other. We trusted each other. We liked each other; perhaps we loved each other. Now, now our relationship is something different. Perhaps that part of you that you gave to me you now give to another? Maybe you keep it for yourself? Maybe it was only mine? For me, it’s mine forever. That part of you that I held and owned, I will always hold and own. Anything that happens now or in the future negates that which happened in the past, and I will cherish this part for always.

I recently have been reacquainted with past loves. The way I feel is the same, the part of {her} that was mine, it is still mine. There are a couple which still have lingering resentment, but the resentment is separate from the love. The love exists on its own. It isn’t changed or lessened, even, by the resentment.

My first fiancé threw together a poem, which I think expresses it very well.

My Love by Kristi Hamner

I do not let love go

Good love, bad Love

Flawed love

Left to wither

Regardless, mine

Kept forever

Once colorful


My love

To be saved

To be aged


with my better days

Locked away on my worst

A small cellar

Of loves

I keep my love

Lesser loves, large loves

Stored, fermented


Splashed about

I spill my love

Let it slosh

It’s long legs

It’s color

Savored love

It’s my love

I do not drink it all

I do not let it go

My love

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