What do I say? In the last 2 days, I have pulled forth all the posts from the original blog and resurrected this fancy location in space. Why? Well, it occurred to me in the last few weeks that I have become quite reactive in my behavior on social media and it was bugging me. I don’t like being on the defensive and arguing against STUPID ideas. I’d much prefer to proactively be evangelizing good ideas. So, I will be using this forum to post happy, interesting thoughts, insights and ideas…as they cross my feeble(ish) mind.

Eastwood - @havstadhatco Quick nod to Havstad Hat Co . This hat has become my favorite travel companion. It has been all over North America with me, from San Diego to Niagara Falls, it’s kept my head warm and dry. It seemed like a good representation of the journey that fed my insights going forward.

What you should look forward to:

I have created 4 categories for blogging. They seem to be the high level buckets for just about all my rantings.

  1. I Made That – Contrary to a common idiom put forth by a common idiot, we are all, individually capable of creating. This category explores my creations, and sometimes the creations or collaborations of others.
  2. Philosophy – You know, that ordinary stuff that our current education system has forgotten to teach; namely, Metaphysics, Epistemology, Ethics, Politics and Esthetics:  Or, What, How, Should, At Whose Expense/By What Standard and Beauty.
  3. This is How We Do It – Lifestyle. Mine, others, cool things to do, places to visit and musings about music and the arts. Oh, and bikes, always we talk about bikes, and horses, oh yeah, horses, and, umm…Guns… yeah, whew.
  4. Uh Oh – Fall out category. I can’t currently think of anything that falls in this category, but, if I do, it ought to be a doozy.

Thanks for stopping by.  Hope you like what you read. Feel free to leave a comment. Like us on FB, twitter, instagram. Be social. ;-P


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